What does it mean to embody?  It means that you are connected to your body in such a way that it is a major asset in your LIFE.  What???  What if your body was as powerful a tool to make decisions as your mind.  What if all your decisions weren't just made from 'thinking'? What if the pain or uncomfortable sensations and feelings you had in your body were its WISDOM speaking to you (and for some...yelling at you)?

Or maybe you don't have pain or uncomfortable sensations and feelings, and yet you don't also have easy access to knowing above or below the mind.  Meaning your only way to make decisions it through thought.  That, friends, is SO basic.  Sorry, but if you are attempting to live the life of a Leader in this time, you got to have a beyond vanilla human computer system.  

You need instinct, intuition, inspiration and insight!  The folks who are leading big tribes are behind the scenes doing "weird" stuff to get to the edge on their human computer.  They are invested in advancing their Human Operating System in such a way that they can perform well beyond their peers.  

And here's what makes B.E.E. beyond that.  We're not gonna just upgrade your Human Operating System and then say:  "Good Luck!"  No way.  That's the old model.  We are  here to create a whole new model.  We're gonna teach you how to operate these apps -- Read living your life in Rhythm with LIFE!  Oh my what you don't know yet.  Join us and experience a whole new way of being in your body that is liberating, magical, and REAL.

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