Life is EPIC!!!

Life is EPIC.  And by that we mean that the very energy and organization that creates and sustains all living things is MAGICAL. It is also Sacred, Wondrous, Miraculous, Amazing and so much more.  You are made up of the very energy of creation and when you are connected in your body with this energy, you and your life are EPIC.  

A bee knows exactly how to be a productive cooperative part of the hive,  A fish knows without going to school, how to be in total rhythm with the school and when to follow and when to lead.  You can to and it is imperative in this time to be connected to the invisible forces that sustain and create life in order to be a potent leader in our time.  It is not enough any more to simply be smart, educated, and an expert.  The culture is in the midst of a massive shift.  The energetics of this shift have already happened.  Only those who are sensitized to  subtle energy shifts are aware that this change is eminent.  

The new emerging leaders have more than just smarts and expertise, they can relate to a broad range of people with empathy, courage, intuition, and make decisions from a level of awareness that is both above and below conscious thought.  In order to operate in this new environment, you must be in tune and connected with the Rhythms of Life.  These subtle energies, the very energies that drive creation, are what will guide the new leaders of Humanity.  Come Be Epic with US!

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