Program Begins March 2019!

The B.E.E. Program

Experience powerful life changing transformation, made simple.  The B.E.E Program has been carefully curated for you.  With over 75 years of experience as top performers in the field of Life transformation and conscious awakening, Drs. Judy Scher, Deb Ayer, and Brian T. Lumb are at the top of their game and profession when it comes to knowing how to craft a program that works.  It's simple.  

  • 1 Year

  • 3 Live Immersions

  • 12 BEE Hive Calls - The "BEE Hive" is the whole B.E.E. Group (an intimate program with a maximum of 30 participants)

  • 12 Honeycomb Calls - A subset of The Hive (from 3-5 participants)

  • 1 Focus > You Being who you are here to BE

  • Intimate group with a maximum of 30 participants

How do you enroll?  Simple, send us an email with a request to have a conversation with one of us.  We will guide you through the conversation and get clear on whether or not this is the best program for you.  If we both agree, then welcome aboard.  If it's not, you will be clearer from our conversation what your next best move is.  Plain and simple. 

Email us at:

Here's the B.E.E. 2019 Program Details:



(Epic BE-ing, Epic Embodying, Epic Ethos…EPIC LIFE!)

What is Epic BE-ing?

•    LISTEN and RECEIVE into your truth -- get REAL beyond the story
•    SEE into your magic -- FEEL the JOY
•    Create unshakable “drop into BEing” rituals -- Honor your life RHYTHMS

What is Epic  Embodying?

•    Own your VITALITY -- BRIDGE your internal and external world
•    Develop a LOVE affair with your body -- Leverage your INFLUENCE
•    Activate your body’s BRILLIANCE -- Use YOUR RANGE

What is Epic Ethos?

•    TRANSCEND your judgment filter -- SEE someone beyond their identity
•    RELAX into your TRIBE -- CELEBRATE deeper connections
•    Be SUPPORTed through heart led collaboration -- Manifest a CLEAR PATH


2019 B.E.E. Calendar


  • BE 1 BEE Hive Zoom call 

  • Honeycomb call 


  • BE 2 BEE Hive Zoom call

  • Honeycomb call


  • May 3-5 - LIVE IMMERSION Costa Rica 

  • BE 3 BEE Hive Zoom call 

  • Honeycomb call 


  • EMBODY 1 BEE Hive Zoom call 

  • Honeycomb call


  • EMBODY 2 BEE Hive Zoom call 

  • July 26-28 - LIVE IMMERSION Nova Scotia 

  • Honeycomb call


  • EMBODY 3 BEE Hive Zoom call 

  • Honeycomb call 


  • ETHOS 1 BEE Hive Zoom call 

  • Honeycomb call 


  • ETHOS 2 BEE Hive Zoom call 

  • Honeycomb call 


  • November 8-10 - LIVE IMMERSION Sedona, AZ 

  • ETHOS 3 BEE Hive Zoom call 

  • Honeycomb call 


  • BEE HIVE LED 1 Zoom call 

  • Honeycomb call 


  • BEE HIVE LED 2 Zoom call 

  • Honeycomb call 


  • BEE HIVE LED 3 Zoom call 

  • Honeycomb call 

  • CELEBRATION and MORE Zoom call!!! 

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